Race Ogre
Gender Male
Status Alive
Affiliation Rowan Academy
Occupation Head Chief
First Appearance The Hound of Rowan
Bob is a reformed Russian ogre and is Rowan's head chef. He works with Mum in the kitchens and cooks all of the meals.


Bob is ten feet tall with yellowing skin. His massive head is covered with lumps and knots, and his jaws are sunken with old age. He has no teeth as he had removed them all with pliers. It is stated that he has a crooked grin, which softens his craggy features. After the events of the Second Siege he has considerably weakened- his sight has been reduced and he has trouble walking as well as his sporting of many scars.


Bob is very kind an gentle with all of the students, and he and Mum are good friends. However, he can also be very dangerous in battle.



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