Cyrus approaching Max and Alex on a pier at Rowan

Cyrus was a vye who teamed up with Peg to kidnap Max.

Appearance Edit

While Cyrus was in human form, he was an older, gaunt man with small black eyes.

Personality Edit

He seemed like a nice vye. He was under orders of the Enemy, but he still cared for Max. He gave Max a vaccination shot when he was scratched by Peg, food to head, and an animal hide for him to keep warm. He warned Max of Peg's temper, and even dressed Max's wound when Peg slit his wrist.

Background Edit

After Alex and Max fought, Cyrus approached them. They thought he was Miss Boon at first. Cyrus distracted the boys while Peg sneaked up behind them. Max initially defeated Cyrus, but Max was accosted by Peg. Peg and Cyrus then kidnapped both boys and took them to Marley Augur.

Cyrus was killed by Max when he shoved Marley's apple down Cyrus's throat.