A Dreadnought is a fearsome and large War Machine made by the Workshop and used by Prusias in the Great War. They can be summoned using the pinlegs.


A dreadnought, at its maximum size, could be bigger than Old Tom. They resemble dark mountains or huge war elephants. Max saw they resembled nothing on this earth, and a hybrid of animal, demon and machine. Their heads resembled pale octipi, knotted and swollen, while the abdomen resembled a huge, bloated spider. Enormous black smokestacks jutted from their backs in ridges, belching fire and smoke. They had eight long limbs, but they bore no resemblance to a spider`s. 4 limbs were thick elephantine columns of muscle and flesh that bore the brunt of the creature, and propelled it forward. The others were enormous, bloodred tentacles that swung grotesquely. All had not discernible faces, or even mouths, only vast unblinking eyes atop 300 foot tall creatures.However, no two Dreadnoughts were the same, and their was a organic asymmetry.


The dreadnought was feared by not only the enemy, but Prusias`s army as well. The dreadnoughts could be summoned instantaneously, and destroy nearly anything in their path, quite similar to war elephants. Their charge would cause slaughter, and one was enough to raze Rowan to it`s foundations, and even wage a small war. They were a major factor in Prusias`s victory over Lord Aamon and Rashaverak, cowing Queen Lilith into submission.

When they were summoned, the landscape disappeared, and lightening struck the land, bringing with it enormous winds, with hurricane force, creating a spiraling vortex.


The MaelstromEdit


In the Maelstrom, a dreadnought is first seen by Max McDaniels while they were taking refuge in Baron Hart`s castle. The shock traveled to the area, even though it was tens or hundreds of miles away. Explosions could be sighted. Cobblestones fell.

Later, 13 dreadnoughts were summoned to Rowan. Max destroyed 4 before the Old Magic in him was depleted. However, David possessed the imps inside the dreadnoughts using Max`s magical reserves, and defeated all of Prusias`s army.

The Red WinterEdit

It is not known what purpose the dreadnoughts will play in the Red Winter. However, it is implied that they will no longer be controlled by imps-they will be controlled by humans. Though the dreadnoughts can no longer be summoned, they are no longer prone to possession.

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