Highland Hare

Highlands Hares are essentially normal hares with a much greater level of intellect.


Highlands Hares look like any regular hare and can come in a variety of normal hare colors, like tawny or brown.


Highlands Hares are neat, intelligent creatures that are knowledgable on many subjects, especially ones that are related to the arts. They are always anxious to teach others about the classics of art, music, and literature. Highlands Hares are extremely loyal and never nag about things they don't care about.


Highlands Hares were first discovered in the Scottish Highlands.


The Highlands Hare is gifted with an exceptional level of intelligence. They are so intelligent that they can not only learn English, but read English and other languages including original Italian. Highlands Hares are very knowledgable on many subjects, especially the history of fine art, music and literature.


  • Fine brandy will appease a disgruntled hare.
  • They can speak fluently in human languages
  • A few have been known to read Dante in the original Italian.

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