Race Human
Gender Female
Age 7
Status Alive
Hair Color Brown
Affiliation Rowan Academy
Relatives David Menlo is cousin, Elias Bram is grandfather
First Appearance The Fiend and the Forge

Mina is a extremely potent Mystic found in Blys by Max McDaniels. Mina's charge is Ember, a dragon.


She has short brown hair and a magechain filled with different tokens to represent minor feats in Firecraft, Herb Lore and Illusion.

Sketch of Mina from Henry H

Sketch of Mina from Henry H. Neff's series The Tapestry


Playful and deep in sentiments speaking nonsense words while trying to earn tokens.


She lived with other orphans in a farm located in Blys. Her grandfather is Elias Bram. Her cousin is David Menlo. Max rescued her from a monster in The Fiend and the Forge, chapter-Horror In The Well.



Depicted mainly in The Maelstrom, Mina's abilities cover a range of areas. She is capable of astounding feats, like teleportation. She single handedly cast down Prusias into the ocean. It remains to be seen what other powers she will manifest in the fifth and final book.


  • (To Max"Wild Max must be Rowan's sun and wise David her magical moon, and Mina must be a bright little star that shines far above all."