Race Black Forest Lymrill
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Eye Color Black
Hair Color (Quills) Red, Copper
Affiliation Rowan Academy
Occupation Charge
Relatives Circe (Mate), His Children
First Appearance The Hound of Rowan

Nick is a Black Forest Lymrill. He is Max's charge and is thought to be the last of his kind.


Nick closely resembles an otter with a shimmering coat of red-gold fur. He has black eyes, a black nose and two small ears. He has metallic quills running along his neck and back, big curling black claws, and a thick foxlike tail. His quills and tail can both serve as an indicator of his mood.

When walking, it can be compared to that of a badger's. He has been described to have a "peculiar gait on flat ground", akin to a badger's rolling waddle.


Nick is a very playful and mischievious; he is often scolded by Max when he accidentally breaks or shreds things while he is excited. His tail and quills can both serve as indicators of his mood. His quills will stay smooth and tranquil when he is calm, but will flare up when he is agitated, scared, or unhappy. His tail also flutters and shakes when he is feeling enthusiastic or excited.

Unlike some other charges, he is unable to talk but communicates through mewling calls, his bushy tail and coppery quills, as all lymrills do. He has also proven to be highly intelligent, and is capable of understanding human speech. Nick is capable of sarcficing for the greater good in The Fiend and The Forge, Nick sarcaficed his own life in order to compelte the gae bolga.


Due to the lymrill's valuable properties, the species was hunted and thought to have been extinct. Nick was found by an Agent in Germany, however, and brought to Rowan. It can be assumed that he has stayed there in the Sanctuary since he was discovered.Nick finds a female lmrill. Nox, one of his children, is Max's new charge.


The Hound of RowanEdit

Nick chose Max and became his charge. While he scared Max at first and his diet disgusted him Max grew to love him.

The Second SiegeEdit

Nick accompanied Max when he went to the workshop.

The Fiend and the ForgeEdit

Nick, David, Cooper, and Toby meet up with Max. They go to the Formian's island to have the Gae Bolga reforged. When the Formian tries to reforge the Gae Bolga the blade wasn't perfect and everytime he tried reforge it more perfect the blade became smaller. Nick sacraficed his quills, and his life in the process, to be added to the blade. Three quils were left over which the Formian made into a torque for Max. One of Nick's children, Nox, became Max's new charge later on in the series.