Nile Croaker

Nile Croakers are a species of frog like creatures that have unpredictable powers.


Nile Croakers look like large toads that are approximately the size of cats. They come in different colors with unexpected color patterns. Some can be seen wearing different hats.


Nile Croakers are independent, mellow, affable creatures. They are extremely fond of hats and like a wide selection.


Nile Croakers originate from the Nile River in Africa, hence their name. Since old times, they have been viewed as good luck charms by others and have been extremely popular charges amongst the many generations of Rowan students. Some believe that the Cupid was a Nile Croaker as well because of the species's powers.


The Nile Croaker has a variety of strange and unpredictable powers. Some are known to have the ability to speak and others to sing spontaneously in a way that rouses the passion of any listeners, regardless of whether they want to act or not.

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