Scandinavian Selkie

Scandinavian Selkies are essentially giant seals.


Scandinavian Selkies closely resemble seals but are far larger. They can weigh up to five tons.


Scandinavian Selkies enjoy long, comfy visits and the company of others.They love to be apart of conversations and like to be up to date with the lastest gossip, fashion trends, and news of what is happening. They love to eat cod and sunbathe but burn easily unless they protect themselves with a layer of mud. Selkies are also sensitive about their weight, and will not take it lightly if they are teased about it.


Most Scandinavian Selkies are female and male selkies are rare. All female selkies have strong insticts to raise a family, so it is not uncommon to find a selkie with a family of different creatures.



  • Selkies love to sunbathe.
  • Most selkies have explored the seas and know about shipwrecks and the mysteries of the ocean.

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