Scáthach is a figure in the Ulster Cycle of Irish mythology. She is a legendary Scottish warrior woman and martial arts teacher who trains the legendary Ulster hero Cú Chulainn in the arts of combat.


Raven black hair, and a sharp, beautiful face as said by Max.

Personality Edit


Texts describe her homeland as Scotland (Alpae); she is especially associated with the Isle of Skye, where her residence Dún Scáith (Fort of Shadows) stands.


Scathach is very skilled when it comes to

sword-play. She is wonderful with spears.

Her footwork is flawless, and she never
makes a mistake. When Max comes to the
Sidh, she trains him, and you can tell
how skilled she is.


  • (To Max"A true warrior does not see an opponent or even many opponents; he sees patterns. Combat is a dance. It is your dance. It is a dance of blood and death and glory. Your make the pattern; you lead the dance."
  • (To Max) "You are the child of Lugh Lamfhada. You are the sun and the storm and master of all the feats I have to teach. You are these things because you must be..."

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