Okay, so my first try at a blog failed. Miserably.

But this new blog is something I can work on, literally.

It's basically just going to be about the wordmark, favicon, and later on theme for this wikia. I mean, we can't have it stay gray forever! That would just be depressing. So yeah, it'll be about the art for the wikia, thought it's only me now, but more will be talked about if more artists come to help out.

If you want to see later versions of stuff (only the wordmark right now) just send me a message here or on my DeviantArt account, Arrida.


Okay. The wordmark. One of the most important things for a wikia. And so far, I think I've been doing a decent job on it. It's really, really simple right now. Just some font that I messed with on Gimp. I plan on asked an DA artist to do a wordmark for us, since he's done others before, but maybe not, since he does mainly gaming wordmarks and this wikia needs something sort of Celtic-y or Irish.

Any ideas for a symbol would be nice. Tried rowan leaves, but they just looked like lips (thanks, Animedork XD). Maybe a sword or a wolfhound. Or the sun and moon, referencing it to the first time we saw Max and David's room.


"What is a Favicon?"

Good question, me. A Favicon (favicon, really, but I like capital letters) is that little symbol on a page's tab. Right now this wikia's is just the standard wikia Favicon, but I'd like to make it more personal. A sword would be nice, it'd be fat, but I can work that out.


Theme! The theme is the pictures and colors you see on this wikia. My grand plan - right now - is to see if there are any matching pictures I can use for the sides, or one big wallpaper is made, then use that for a theme.

And that's it for now. I'll add in some more info once I add in some more art.

Dove of War 21:05, July 13, 2012 (UTC)

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